Easter Bilby
Devoted to raising international awareness on the plight of the world's rare little furry creatures and saving them from extinction.


Easter Bilby Sightings!

Wondering where you can buy a chocolate Easter Bilby? 
We have visited local supermarkets around Perth, Western Australia and thus far Woolworths stands out as the winner in the Easter Bilby stakes.   Please note we are only going to include reasonably priced and easily available chocolate bilbies, there are some very expensive ones out there, even those that make a small donation to charity but quite frankly you will do more good by purchasing cheaper chocolate Bilbies and making a larger donation to help endangered animals, or send a free e-card and help spread the word around the world.

Prices listed below are approximately what we paid for the bilbies, prices will vary according to your area.

In the Stores 2006:

80g Cadbury Bilby $3

150g Heritage Bilby $5

150g Pink Lady Bilby $6

Pink Lady Easter Bilby in her chocolate birthday suit.

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